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Lucy Curtis - Project Coordinator


Lucy is a freelance theatre director and creative producer specialising in documentary theatre. She is the Artistic Director of Changing Face; a multi-national theatre company championing global stories through documentary styles of performance. Changing Face is supported by the Institut Francais, the Romanian Cultural Institute, Arts Council England, and the Old Vic New Voices.



A very special thank you to all our interviewees that took part in this project:


Mrs. Theresa Taylor, Mrs. Mavis Crocker, Mrs. Betty Hendry, Mrs. Linda Presland; Mr John Thompson; Mrs. Sheila Thompson; Mrs. Sheila Douglass; Mrs. Joyce Gale; Mrs. Gwen Davis; Mrs. Eileen Pullen; Mrs. Iris Eady; Mrs. Dora Challingsworth, Mrs. Pamela Brown; Mrs. Geradline Dear; Mrs. Jane Gosling; Miss. Debra Jeffries; Mr Alan Catt; Mrs. Jackie Ragett; Mrs. Pauline Charnley; Mr. Mic Ryan; Mrs. Jennifer Hitchcock; Mrs. Jean Goodbody; Mrs. Beverley Swan; Mrs. Sharon Chick; Mrs. Wooton; Mr. Peter Dawson; Mrs. Valerie Wilson; Mr. Alfred Cook; Mrs. Hilda Bennett; Mrs. Hollie Hoy; Mr. Roger Nickolls; Mrs. Susan Cousens; Mr. Len Tranter; Mrs. Donna Letch; Mr. Patrick Payne; Mrs. Eve Dillaway; Mr. Martin O’Meara; Mr. Jim Brinklow; Mrs. Sue Day.



Are you a woman who worked or still works at Ford Dagenham?


Were you involved in the 1968 / 1984 Ford Dagenham strikes?


Do you have a story to share about a female friend of family member who used to work at Ford Dagenham?


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